Alan Dalby Illustration

Readers Digest is probably the most widely read publication my work has been commissioned for, which was very exciting. 

The commission was for five spot Illustrations of 25mm. Really small, but as my work is  bold, it suits it quite well. It was also the most accessible text I think I’ve had to work with and was jargon free. That’s always good!

Having five iIllustrations was really enjoyable yet challenging because it meant I had to create a group of images that worked well with each other. To achieve consistency, I used a limited colour palette that ran across all the images, which I hope brought them together. You can be the judge of that. 

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Posted on 29 May, 2012

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  1. howker said: lovely choice of colours in the green and blues :)
  2. alandalbyillustration posted this

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